Friday, 25 December 2009

Does a Scrum Master become impediment to Agile transformation.

I must clear myself a little bit. :) I really believe that there is huge amount of work for higly skilled Scrum Masters during the transformation from Waterfal/C&C model to the Agile/Self management-mode. But where I'm heading with my topic?

This queation raised when I read Mike Summer's blogging about Situational Coaching with Agile Teams

Scrum Master is presented as a guardian of Scrum Proccess and also facilitator, impediment remover, coach etc. But the aim of the whole thing, in team perspective, is to get team in self management mode and actually, I truly believe that with a good team, there is no more place for Scrum Master. Which is paradoxal and people have a tendency for wanting to feel needed and if a person is not ready to move on (to the next team, to do "real" work etc.) does he become impediment to the team to move real self management or even organizing mode?

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