Thursday, 8 April 2010

What Key Performance Indicators (KPI) should Agile Team(s) use?

It would be nice to measure how we are doing and also check, has our newly implemented improvements hit the spot. Metrics are always nice, but (un)fortunately only few of them are usable. Here is a list of those KPIs what I think should be used.

How many Story Points(SP) has team consumed during previous iterations and use this information to forecast. Keep your Story Points uncorrupted and here you have good and handy tool. If you are wondering what is SP, you should read Mike Cohn's excellent book Agile Estimating And Planning.

Cycle Time
Cycle Time (or Lead Time), means a time from when a customer request comes into a process to a time when it has actually delivered to a customer. Good way to measure the whole process, not only R&D efficiency. With this, you can check how good your flow is.

Boomerangs are things, which are coming back to the process after they have declared as done and delivered. Because those things are defects like bugs and misunderstandings in customer requirements, this is a measurement for quality and communication. You can read more about this from Gojko Adzic's blog.

Customer Satisfaction
It's good to check, time to time, what people who are paying our salary think about us :)

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