Monday, 7 June 2010

Our show in XP2010 and more

We had quite a good warm up band. Mark Streibeck from Google introduced us their Continuous Integration system and it was amazing! Everybody always committing to same head and it must be green all the time. Pretty mind blowing if you think that they have 1500+ product, 10000 developers and 60M+ test cases.

Anyway. My feeling about our presentation was pretty good. If you were there, please give me feedback. It was first time for me and Ran to write something for conference and it was an extremely good experience. I must continue with this path little bit further, because my opinion is that companies should do more scientific research.

The conference was facilitated greatly, everything from preparation of the conference itself to evening programs, or what can you say that we had Jazz musicians improvising and telling the theory about that (which is very close to pair programing) and later on there was a gig by an extreme metal band called Keep of Kalessin (you should check out this).

So, thank you very much and see ya!

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